Association of Polish Electrical Engineers

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers is the largest non-governmental scientific and technical organisation in Poland that is active in the field of social and public utility. It was founded in 1919 by engineers - representatives of the electrotechnical industry. It is a voluntary association of electricians of all specialties and persons whose professional activity is connected with electric power in a broad sense, as well as legal entities interested in the profession.
We are a member of EUREL, the Convention of National Associations of Electrical Engineers of Europe.

The scope of our activities includes electrical engineering, power engineering, electrical power engineering, electronics, radio engineering, optoelectronics, bionics, information technology, computer science, telecommunications, automation, robotics and other related fields.

The aims of the association include:

  • promoting socially beneficial use of electricity in support of national economic development, initiating and supporting scientific and technical creativity in all fields of electric power and related fields
  • popularisation of electric power, its history and its creators, particularly Polish, promoting energy management with respect to generation, processing, transmission, distribution and use of fuels and energy in all forms and operation of equipment, installations and networks, development of information and telecommunications systems, as well as information society

These aims are achieved through:

  • monitoring and analysis of scientific, technical, legal, organisational and economic issues
  • formulating conclusions and appeals concerning electric power in a broad sense
  • issuing public opinions, cooperation with governmental administration, self-governments and professional organisations, as well as authorities, institutions, social organisations, chambers and associations - scientific, economic and educational, performing tasks entrusted by public administrations, initiating the establishment, repeal and revision of norms and regulations in the field of electric power, formulating and giving opinions on standardisation work and works in the field of electric terminology, conducting business activity, in particular: quality assurance, conformity assessments, recommendations and references, expertise, consulting
  • publishing scientific and technical publications and journals

The association is engaged in training and examinations, and also issues expert and technical opinions and recommendations.


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